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Week 6 The blue whale power-point

I would like to continue storytelling in English classes.
The title of this story is the blue whale.
Children may prefer to be reminiscent of a blue whale is inserted into Power-Point.
When I have a question and then students say no fish to speak to the reason.
The fish have to breathe in the water, How whales have to breathe in the water?  Students going to answer, drinking the air after come out of the water take a deep breath.
 The same way as above answer questions, a blue whale body's length, weight, teeth, food. etc. Students to answer the challenges in the homework. Students will need to read books on whales. Students should ask the teacher in the course of research that questions.

2012년 2월 14일 화요일

Week 6 Technology tools for creating student-centered classes

Active participation in discussion is a critical part of second language acquisition for learners. It is not enough for learners to master grammatical rules, vocabulary, word recognition and pronunciation. Learners must move beyond acquiring such skills and enter the realm of an interactive.
In order to build discussion skills it is necessary for students to practice discussing with each other. Therefore, throughout the life of a course, students will be asked to actively with classmates, engaging in English discussions as part of a group and in pairs. To breakdown social barriers that inhibit students to develop discussion skills, teachers can combat shyness with ice-breakers at the very onset of a course. The following ice-breaker asks students to locate other trainees whom posses common qualities. Students sit in a large circle. The student in the center makes a phrase, asking other students if they share a commonality. For example, "The big wind blows for everyone who was born in August." Further details of the game will be demonstrated.

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Week 5 Create a rubric or alternative assessment tool

Problem Based Learning (PBL) of the learners own problems and challenges, by selecting it on the solutions and their own views or positions deployed to the basic learning aims achieve this haenagal allow classes organized has been running out of ways to view is

PBL students' views on an upcoming issue of the solutions, and learning objectives in the learning Is a comprehensive and extensive features. Another student countered their views and present a logical and related fields by describing the acquisition of knowledge and at the same time you can learn problem-solving process.

PBL through a learner-centered educational environment of frequent and continuous learning as much as we are hwae constitution, the learner and the learning process of their own perceptions about the results clearly an objective evaluation prior to any other must be important.

Therefore, the assessment of learners' academic achievement by students in the learning process itself is the most basic written record should be utilized as a critical evaluation, observation and participation of outsiders in the learning process and outcome evaluation by ancillary or complementary data should be.

It was identified that learning effect scale of PBL had five factors including communication skill, cooperative learning capacity, problem solving skill, interacting skill and self-directed learning.

communication skill
Very wellTo request a statement that answers to frequently asked questions can be accurately and fluently.
AverageTo request a statement that answers to asked questions can be speak.
Not enoughTo request a statement that answers to frequently asked questions can not be accurately and fluently.

cooperative learning capacity
Very wellCooperative data necessary for the preparation, recording, presentations, organized in terms of helpful and is perfect for a friend.
AverageCooperative data necessary for the preparation, recording, presentations, organized in terms of friends tries to be helpful.
Not enoughCooperative data necessary for the preparation, recording, presentations, organized in terms  is not perfect and don't help for a friend.

problem solving skill
Very well : Select the topic you're interested in collecting data and classification, investigation and analysis to solve proficient.
Average : Select the topic you're interested in collecting data and classification, investigation and analysis will try to resolve.
Not enough : Select the topic you're interested in collecting data and classification, investigation and analysis will not solve.

Week 5 How PBL affect student motivation and behavior

Each group of learners in the group stage with reference to the middle of the final announcement within the group through a discussion about the issues presented by each learner and the learning strategy solutions for different parts of each other to convince each other. Settlement. Mediate their release through a process of information will be the final cleanup. Presented for each group, each learner through topics such as learning about the contents of the rich when they open their minds to different perspectives significantly related to their knowledge by means of the configuration process goes through the completion. For each group, and the professor's announcement appeared in the virtual classroom space when the whole will have the opportunity to share.

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Week 4 Preparing a technology-enhanced lesson plan

Lesson plan
Lesson Theme : My birthday
Condition : This activity gives students the opportunity of selecting books that are interesting and appropriate for them to read.
Audience : Age 11-13
Look at the e-book. What's the picture?
Let's listen to the story. Listen carefully and find out what the story is about.
Web site http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/shows
Story name is "this is actually my party"
The following questions help students skim through these e-books.

  1. What is the title of this story?
  2. What type of story is it?
  3. Who is the main character in this story?
  4. Is it suitable for me, too easy or too difficult?
  5. Is this book interesting to me?
  6. What lesson of the story?
Write story map.
  Major events
Teacher grants permission to reproduce this work sheet for educational purposes only.

Week 4 Reading website infortance

First, English Education Web site characteristics was effected on studying attitude that had analysed to come up with the most effective factor like basic service quality and community support.
Second, other relative factors such as quality of information and quality of basic services have a positive influence on English Web site characteristics that affected community immersion .
for further explanation, It means that information quality can be powerful and next is basic service quality and community support.
Finally, achievement motivation , self-control on studying attitude was effected about community immersion of elementary school students It means that self discipline on studying can be powerful and next factor is community immersion.

2012년 1월 30일 월요일

Week 3 Delicious.com

Hello, I am Jinhee.
I often hear students would like to give an interesting story. Korean-speaking students use can be very difficult English. I think. Students will hear a short story repeated many times. Students feel that learning English easier. I want you to hear fun and easy fairy tales.
Three sites, as shown below was created as a favorite. My home is as follows.



Week 4 Reading teach skill

South Korea's elementary school English curriculum used in the text is underlined. Larger than textbook learning to read, so a wide variety of exercises and activities to teach to read. Before reading activities, a simple word or phrase in English sentences, read aloud, stress, rhythm, accent should be taught to become familiar with. The teacher is always present a variety of drawings and related materials to the students better understand the meaning of the sentence has to be able to. The teacher of English sentences of natural stress, rhythm, intonation, note should listen and then read sentence. Tedious to read a boring activity that you do not feel it is helpful to take advantage of the website.

2012년 1월 18일 수요일

Week 2 Useful game & video site


The top of site advantage is various game, for example puzzle, dress up games, animal games, science games, dinosaur games and so on. Looking at the game fun and easy to follow students can speak EnglishThis site can also be seen in the videoBe seen in the figure captions will hear a short poemThis resource is aligned to the following topics in the PBS Learning Media curriculum framework. Interestingly enough the students can see the games and videos.

Week 2 Useful education site


 The top of site is very useful. The advantage over a lot of data on a wide variety of topics is given. This site is located on the left side of the wide variety of topics, for example color, calendar, anatomy, animal, bookmarks, flags, geography, music, plants, history and so on.
You can make a copy of the instruction. You can make easily create learning materials. Create a quiz in the classroom is utilized.

The disadvantage to use this site, you will have to pay annual dues of $ 20.

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Week 1 Use my blog

I'm glad meet you. I 'm teaching twenty years in Korea, only use Korean. I were seldom used blog,  sometimes use blog. For example,
  • My photo series "Abroad Journey" is a collection of photos taken on my trip
  • I see are posting very sentimental pictures of  myself  on blog

    I  show abroad trip picture to my student in social class.
    They are interested in my blog.